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In the world of business agreements and commercial activity, we have the right knowledge and expertise to help you with transactions, contracts, commercial mediation, confidentiality documents, employment agreements, commercial lease guarantees and buying or selling a business, all of which are driven by the law. We can provide you with precise advice and ideal solutions for your business, no matter the legal circumstances.

Our commercial law services are designed to simplify your day-to-day business and avoid the common legal pitfalls you might face.

We can help you with

  1. Company law

  2. Trust law

  3. Joint ventures

  4. Partnership disputes

  5. Commercial succession planning

  6. Commercial contract law

  7. Mediation

  8. Negligence claims

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  1. For corporate transactions and business operations:

  2. Competition and consumer law

  3. Insolvency and restructuring

  4. Insurance, including commercial landlord rent guarantee insurance

  5. Debt collection

  6. Intellectual property

  7. Privacy and cybersecurity

  8. Property law and conveyancing

Our commercial lease lawyers work with clients from all across Melbourne, helping tenants with professional guidance to protect their business interests, and helping landlords secure and protect their investments. Often, disputes can arise over commercial leases. The mediation process provides an alternative to having a dispute drag through the court system. It is a flexible form of dispute resolution that both parties can use to give them the best possible chance of a quick and satisfactory resolution. Consulting a lawyer before signing a commercial lease is an effective way to prevent disputes relating to commercial leases.

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