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At Robert Wood and Associates we have over 36 years’ experience providing sensible and practical advice in relation to wills and probate and all other matters related to estate law, including Will disputes.

When it comes to protecting your family and having your last wishes honoured, a legal Will is highly important. Writing a Will can help you to gift property, possessions and money to your loved ones and charities. As well as this, your Will can give instructions on settling debt and other personal wishes. We can assist you in every element of Wills and Estates, including writing, revising and challenging a Will.

Melbourne’s Dedicated Wills and Probate Solicitors

If you need general legal advice on Wills, advice on making a Will or are looking to contest a Will in Victoria, we provide clear and friendly service to assist you and your family.

Our Wills and Estates Expertise includes:

  • Drafting a Will
  • Estate Planning
  • Adding to or changing a will by Codicil
  • Obtaining probate of an estate
  • Challenging a Will and obtaining entitlements
  • Administration of Estates
  • Sale and realisation of property and investments
  • Power of Attorney
  • Reseal of Grant of Probate

Looking to Contest or Challenge a Will? Our Expert Will Dispute Lawyers Can Help

The experienced team at Robert Wood and Associates are specialist Will dispute lawyers and can provide expert assistance in relation to contesting, challenging or disputing a Will – you may be asking what’s the difference?

Contesting a Will – where there is no dispute regarding the validity of the will itself but instead, one or more of the family members have not been provided for or believe he or she has not been properly provided for by the deceased.

Challenging a Will – this involves challenging the validity of the will itself. You say the will is not valid and should not be approved by the court for a Grant of Probate.

Disputing a Will – this is a general term for any other dispute. There could be uncertainty about the terms of the will in this case the court is asked to work out what the deceased really meant in his or her will.

Fast and Cost Efficient Wills and Legal Services

A legal Will provides peace of mind for both you and your family, and our services do the same. If you want the best Wills and Probate solicitors or family lawyer Melbourne, trust the team at Robert Wood & Associates. Our lawyers are committed to strong communication and working towards solutions with you. Conveniently located in Boronia, we specialise in providing outstanding legal advice to people all over Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs including Rowville, Wantirna and Bayswater. Give us a call today on (03) 9762 3877 to make an appointment.

We can help you with a diverse range of legal solutions

Dedicated to providing fully tailored and compassionate advice and services, our friendly team of legal experts offer you expertise across many aspects of law including:

Your Choice for Melbourne Solicitors

If you need professional, high quality legal advice from a law firm that puts your interests first, then Robert Wood and Associates is the right choice for you.

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