Simplifying the selling or buying of property

Buying or selling a property is an exciting time. Making sure you have considered all your rights and responsibilities is essential to real estate success. Robert Wood & Associates can assist with the legal side of your property transfer.

We can help you with

  1. Contract of Sale

  2. Negotiations

  3. Property settlements

  4. Retirement Village contracts

  5. Mortgage documents

  6. Reverse mortgages and equity loans

  7. Subdivisions

  8. Owners Corporations

  9. Off-The-Plan sales

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Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring the title of land between two parties. For most of us, we will turn to a conveyancer when we are ready to buy or sell.

The conveyancing process begins before you have a contract and it can guide you through writing and signing a contract and finalising the sale.

There are many hidden details in the legal side of property transfers, from clauses in a contract to easements on your land. Whether you’re buying or selling, our detail-oriented team will cut through the legal jargon and ensure your rights are protected.

Buying a property is a large undertaking and a serious transaction. Our lawyers and staff can provide you with peace of mind through this process, ensuring all legal matters are handled by a professional. Some of the steps we might take for homebuyers include:

  • Taking care of all documents – buying property involves a lot of paperwork and we can prepare, check and lodge transfer documents, contracts of sale and more
  • Researching the property – we will check the property for easements, and other restrictions or information that needs addressing
  • Settling the property – we can attend a property settlement on your behalf to finalise the process and ensure all documents are prepared and exchanged correctly

When you sell a property, you have a range of rights and responsibilities too. As well as representing you on behalf of buyers or their representatives we can:

  • Take care of all documents – we will ensure all contracts and other documentation has been completed on time
  • Communicate with the buyer – if purchasers have questions about the property, or requests such as extensions, we can take care of these for you
  • Represent you at settlement – we can take care of the final settlement, leaving you to enjoy a successful sale

Depending on your circumstances, there are a range of other real estate matters we can help you with. These include subdividing land and updating your title of land.

We ensure an end-to-end conveyancing service, so you don’t need to worry about anything.