Charged With A Criminal Offence? Our Defence Lawyers can Help

When you have been charged with a criminal offence – or even if you are under investigation – the most important thing to do is seek out practical advice. With greater knowledge on your side, you will have the best chance of a more positive outcome. This is where our experienced defence lawyers can help.

We do more than represent you in court. Our comprehensive advice will ensure that you always know your rights, obligations and potential outcomes, leaving you better positioned to act.

When to Get in Touch

You can contact our team at any point in the process, and we will start providing you answers. Some situations where you might contact our defence lawyers include:

1. When the police have requested a formal interview with you
2. When you are attending court – whether you want to enter a guilty plea or fight the charges
3. When you want to appeal a sentence

We Tell Your Story

Going to court or attending a police interview can be a stressful process. Our criminal defence lawyers simplify this process, putting our expertise to work with you. We will:

• Liaise with Victoria Police – either to negotiate the most suitable result or to contest the charges altogether
• Assist you with your plea – when pleading guilty, we inform the court of your background and your version of events, ensuring your voice is heard and considered when deciding on a sentence

Complete Answers to Any Questions

It can be easy to be overwhelmed and even confused by the legal system and how it applies to you. We help to resolve this by providing comprehensive answers in a straightforward way, making sure that our answer is tailored to your needs.

This advice can include the most ideal pathways for you to take at the start of the process, advice about attending court or lodging your plea and the best way to go forward after your case.

You can start your tailored process with our defence lawyers today. Robert Wood and Associates are based in Boronia. Call us on 9762 3877 to begin a confidential process or contact us online.

We can help you with a diverse range of legal solutions

Dedicated to providing fully tailored and compassionate advice and services, our friendly team of legal experts offer you expertise across many aspects of law including:

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