Have You Been a Victim of Crime? Get Back on Track with Compensation

If you have been injured or your financial situation has been affected because of a crime, Robert Wood and Associates can help you. Guiding and supporting you through the criminal law compensation process, we make it easy to access financial assistance or compensation.

Supporting Your Rights

If you have been a victim of crime, we can help you apply for compensation through the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal.

These are the criteria for claiming compensation:

  • You have been a victim of violent crime in Victoria
  • The crime has been reported to the police
  • If the crime occurred in the past two years and you haven’t claimed your compensation, contact us today.

If the offender has not been charged or found guilty – don’t worry. We can still help you make your claim.

Compensation Available

The Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT) provides financial assistance to ease the burden of your pain and suffering. According to VOCAT, the average amount of assistance received is $7,500. (Please note this amount may vary considerably depending on the circumstances of the case.)

Who Can Receive Compensation

Every person’s claim is different and we can help you to navigate your situation. Generally speaking, there are three types of victim who can make a claim.

These are:

  • Primary victims: A victim of crime who had an act committed against them, attempted to stop an act, or assisted a victim or apprehended the offender.
  • Secondary victims: Witnesses at the scene or those who have become aware of an act of violence.
  • Related victims: Close family member, dependents, or someone who shared an intimate relationship with a primary victim who has passed away due to the events.

Making a Claim

If you want to make a claim to receive compensation and financial assistance, we can guide you through the whole process. We will help build a strong case for you to lodge with VOCAT.

Please note: Our victims of crime application services are free of charge to you.

Robert Wood and Associates will:

  • Prepare your application
  • Collect supporting documentation
  • Suggest suitable services, legal options, and appropriate compensation
  • Liaise with the tribunal on your behalf, answering any questions about your application

We can assist you with your claim today. Contact our expert team online, or give us a call on 9762 3877 for help with your compensation claim.

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