Compassionate Family Law Specialists – Let Us Guide You

Legal processes that involve families are some of the hardest situations for all parties involved. This is generally because of the different outcomes and scenarios that families are confronted with, as well as the emotional and stressful toll it takes on all those affected. At Robert Wood Associates, our family separation lawyers in Melbourne can provide you with assistance every step of the way. We will help you to understand all of the possible outcomes and scenarios for your case by maintaining constant and compassionate communication, every step of the way.

With more than 35 years practising family law in Melbourne, you can trust us to guide all parties towards a fair and just outcome.

Understanding Divorce Lawyers

If you are separated or are considering divorce, our expert divorce lawyers can provide you with advice. Helping you to navigate the Victorian legal system, we can answer questions like: 

  • When can I apply for divorce?
  • Can I have my marriage annulled?
  • What important decisions can I make before the divorce? 

Property Settlement

Our family law solicitors can guide you through the financial and property issues< involved with divorce. Our family law experts will help you understand how property is divided and provide tailored support and advice. 

Custody and Child Support

  • Looking after children is an essential part of any separation. We can help you to make the legal decisions that protect your family. We provide information on: 
    • Parenting arrangements
    • Family dispute resolution
    • Children’s rights under the law 


Domestic Violence Support

If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic violence, we can offer support and solutions. Our family lawyers can devise methods for protecting you and your family. If you believe you or your family is in immediate danger, we recommend contacting the police.


Other Ways Our Family Lawyers Help

With more than 35 years practising in Melbourne, Robert Wood and Associates can comprehensively assist you with family law advice and service.

Our expert family law solicitors can also assist with: 

  • Domestic and De Facto relationships
  • Same sex relationships
  • Binding financial agreements 

Call Us for Help with Your Family Law Issues

At Robert Wood and Associates, we’re always here for you. Come and visit our offices in Boronia or give us a call. You will be carefully guided through the complexities of law, ensuring that you always know what is happening, what is going to happen, and the procedures involved. 

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