Child Custody Lawyers in Melbourne – Ensure Your Children’s Protection

If you and your former partner are separated and considering divorce, it is important to discuss future parenting arrangements. Protecting the rights of children is undoubtedly among the most important aspects of a separation.

When an arrangement cannot be reached, you can turn to Robert Wood and Associates for advice and guidance on what to do next. Our team of child custody lawyers can explain the Family Law Act and guide you towards a fair and just outcome.

Protected Under the law

Proper care and protection from harm for your children will always be the main priority under the law. The Family Law Act ensures that the best interests of your child is the main consideration in all circumstances. 

Important Things to Consider

There are a range of things that you will have to consider when discussing custody arrangements. Our child custody experts can guide you through this process, looking after everyone’s rights. Some important questions to ask yourself include: 

  • Where will the children live and how often?
  • What type of education will they receive?
  • How will your existing work arrangements affect your situation?
  • Where and when will your children spend time with others?
  • How will your arrangements remain flexible and consider the future?
  • How will the arrangements work for attending extra-curricular events?

Determining Care Arrangements in Court

When you and your former partner cannot decide on parenting arrangements, the matter may be resolved in court. In these situations, Robert Wood and Associates can be there for you. Before court proceedings, you may: 

  • Undergo Family Dispute Resolution with the aim of resolving the situation – this will be compulsory in most circumstances
  • Facilitate further negotiations through your lawyers – our child support lawyers can assist you with this process 

In most cases, a court application will only be explored if these other avenues are unsuccessful. 

Your Children’s Say

In some circumstances, the opinion of your children can have a significant impact on child custody proceedings. The Family Law Act considers the age, maturity and level of understanding that your child has when considering their views. This assists courts, lawyers and parents in reaching the best outcome for your children. While their views will be considered, children will not typically be involved in court proceedings, nor will they be asked to give evidence. 


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