The 5 Benefits of Choosing a Local Lawyer

You only need to have the television or radio on for a few minutes to hear the advertisements of many large legal corporations, so it can sometimes be easy to let a recognisable name handle your affairs instead of searching for local solicitor. For those who want a more personal touch, or with a specific problem which requires more a comprehensive understanding and customised approach, engaging the help of a local solicitor can make all the difference. Robert Wood and Associates are local lawyers servicing Scoresby and surrounding suburbs. Lead by Robert himself, we pride ourselves on our friendly, personalised service ensuring the individual requirements of every client are taken into consideration to optimise the necessary outcomes demanded. Here are five reasons why choosing a local legal professional is the best option for you.

You Can Regularly Meet Your Solicitor Face to Face

In today’s digital world, doing business has become much more impersonal, the convenience of communicating via emails, apps and text messages is at the loss of speaking to someone.

By choosing a local solicitor, you can easily meet with them, face to face, on a regular basis and form a personal connection, giving you the sense that there is a person listening to you and taking what you have to say on board. With large multi-national firms, it is unlikely you would have this same experience. A locally-based lawyer might also be able to make home visits if required.

They are Easier to Get to

For many who require legal services, the reasons are generally of great importance. Having a local solicitor will give you the peace of mind in knowing that you can drop in with any concerns, and not have to spend hours stuck in traffic or on public transport for an appointment.

Communication is Easier

When considering urgent paperwork requirements, or if you have a complex enquiry which needs addressing, you may need to meet with a solicitor immediately. Having your lawyer close by will make communicating with them so much easier. Smaller, local law firms have fewer clients and generally have a more personal approach meaning you will usually deal with the one solicitor and not a team of lawyers, and all communications are generally direct to them and not through their team so you won’t be waiting for someone to call or email you back for lengthy periods of time.

When you need to sign paperwork, having someone on hand and close by is a sensible option and will make for seamless transactions. 

The Provide Value for Money

Typically, local solicitors can offer more service for their fees in comparison to larger firms. Many national legal firms spend large amounts on major advertising campaigns and pay other companies for referring clients. Local lawyers are more likely to concentrate their resources on the services their clients receive meaning fees are more competitive. The right advice and service at the right price can make a big difference to the outcome and ultimately, your life.

They Give a Personal Touch

Most large firms will engage a number of people on your case and it can be overwhelming dealing with different people all the time. A local solicitor will usually be the only one to deal with your case from start to finish, so they will become familiar to you and with the details of your case, creating a more personal and friendly service. To most big law firms you are simply a number, not a person. A local solicitor can give you the quality and personalised service you need, tailored to your own individual circumstances and can deal with all your legal matters professionally from beginning to end.

If you are hiring a solicitor it is usually because you have a very important matter that needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. Having a solicitor close by which you can get to know over time and trust, can make a difficult time a little less stressful. For professional lawyers Scoresby locals turn to for expert legal advice, call Robert Wood and Associates today on (03) 9762 3877 or contact us online.

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