Your Guide to Criminal Defence in Victoria

When you have been charged with an offence, understanding your rights, obligations and potential outcomes is one of the best assets you have. 

A criminal defence lawyer can help you with this.  

In some cases, criminal charges can stem from an honest misunderstanding, or a momentary lapse in judgement. A lawyer can also help you in these cases. Even if you want to plead guilty, seeing a lawyer can help you present a better case. 

What Can a Criminal Defence Lawyer Do for You?

A criminal defence lawyer will help you understand your case and what your options are. You can get legal advice about what the charges mean, how you should plead, and how to prepare for the hearing. 

Your criminal defence lawyer will negotiate with Victoria Police to reach the best result for you – whether that is minimising your charges or contesting them completely.  

They will also assist you with your plea, ensuring your voice is heard and considered when deciding on a sentence. 

Their most important job is to defend your rights and guide you through the entire legal process, from your first contact with police, all the way through to the finalisation of your matter. 

What Situations Can a Criminal Defence Lawyer Help with?

Some situations where you might contact a defence lawyer include: 

  • When the police have requested a formal interview with you
  • When you are attending court – whether you want to enter a guilty plea or fight the charges
  • When you want to appeal a sentence 

Understanding Criminal Defence Law in Victoria

It is always a good idea to speak to a lawyer before your Victorian court date. The court will expect you to do this. 

Tips for Talking to the Magistrate

It is important to be respectful and polite when you are talking to the magistrate. Here are some tips: 

  • stand up when the magistrate speaks to you
  • call the magistrate ‘Your Honour’
  • do not interrupt the magistrate when they talk; the magistrate will ask for more information if they need it
  • speak clearly and loudly
  • look at the magistrate when you speak (if you have notes you can read from your notes and look up and down).

Your lawyer will be able to provide you with more helpful advice and tips for your legal proceedings.

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