7 Reasons to Hire a Business Lawyer

As a business owner, you launch your business with the hope that everything will go to plan and you’ll end up running a very successful organization. However, many Australian businesses fail in their first year. Mistakes happen and issues can arise. A good business lawyer will provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of your business, from basic compliance and trademark advice to formal business incorporation, lawsuits and liability, contracts, commercial leases, business structure advice and more. Business lawyers provide invaluable services to small and medium sized business. If you’re a business owner, or you’re thinking of starting a business, here’s a few ways the services of a business lawyer can help you.

Buying or Selling a Business

Buying or selling a business can be a complex process and there are many legal implications associated with both. A business lawyer can help you value the business, write the acquisition and purchasing agreements, and transfer any permits and licenses.

Starting a New Business

If you are setting up a new business it is important to get it done right from the beginning. Aside from incorporating your business, you’ll need to understand liabilities, tax obligations, setup fees, ongoing expenses, employee-related concerns, and much more. It’s vital you have someone you can consult that’s familiar with the process and can get you through it without any legal implications.

Mergers and Acquisitions

If you are thinking about buying out a competitor or joining forces with another business, a business lawyer will be able to advise and guide you through the process.


Anytime you need to draft or negotiate a contract, whether it’s with a customer, employee, or supplier, it’s important that you have a business lawyer present to help with any legalities. If a contract is disputed, a client isn’t paying or an employee shares confidential information, a business lawyer will negotiate and advocate on your behalf, and file a lawsuit if required.

Filing for a Patent

If you’ve developed a new product or service, it’s important that you file for a patent. Patents can be complex, time consuming and expensive, especially if you go about the process yourself and they are often difficult to get approved in a reasonable timeframe without the help of a business lawyer.

Resolving Employee Issues

Employee-related issues are very common in the workplace these days. By having a lawyer to consult with, most issues can be quickly diminished, since they can facilitate the hiring process, administer worker’s compensation, draft up agreements for independent contractors, and help you safely fire employees without legal repercussions. Even the most prepared business owner can run into problems related to sick leave, discrimination, sexual harassment and workplace safety. A business lawyer can educate you on applicable laws and best practices, and represents you if an issue arises.

Protection Against Lawsuits

Be proactive, get your legalities in order, and cover all of your bases. Your emphasis should be placed on preventing lawsuits in the first place. By the time you or your business is sued, the preventable damage has been done and the only question that remains is how much you’ll be paying in lawyer’s fees, court fees, and damages.

Get in Touch with a Melbourne Business Lawyer Before You Need One

If your business is facing a legal matter or if you need general advice to prevent future legal issues, it’s important you know where to find the right business lawyer. You may not know you need legal help until it’s too late, so consult a business lawyer to help you stay in compliance with the law and spot developing legal issues early. Get ahead of the game and find an experienced business lawyer near you today.

At Robert Wood and Associates, our professional team of Melbourne business lawyers are highly experienced in helping businesses of all sizes with business related legal matters. We understand how important your business is to your world. We guarantee expert advice at competitive rates, so you can get back to running your business with confidence. Visit our Boronia law firm today, or call us on (03) 9762 3877 to make an appointment.

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