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Dividing your assets after a separation can be a long and drawn out process if it isn’t dealt with properly under the law. Even amicable arrangements that are made informally can become complicated if one party decides to pursue more assets at a later date.

At Robert Wood and Associates, we can offer you expert legal support that protects your rights and ensures a smoother process. We have been assisting families in Melbourne for more than 35 years, helping people just like you to lessen the stresses of separation.

Understanding Property

In common terms, you might think of property as real estate, or possibly money and possessions. In family law, property represents all of these things and more. It is important to consider and declare anything that is considered property under the law.

Our property settlement lawyers can ensure that all factors have been considered and that you receive a fair division. Generally speaking, property includes:

• Money and real estate
• Family businesses
• Investments and trusts
• Superannuation and pensions
• Money you owe including debts and any other liabilities

How Property Division Will Work

A fair and legal property settlement will ensure minimal fuss for you and your family both now, and into the future. All types of property will be considered, although some are subject to different rules to others. Property settlement isn’t just about determining your combined assets and dividing them.

During this process, the following things will be considered:

• How much you own across all your property
• How much you owe and any other liabilities you have
• The roles you had in your relationship
• How you contributed to the relationship
• What each of your needs will be in the future
• How many children you have under 18 and who they will live with
• Your personal age, health and earning capacity, and that of your partner

How We Help

Even in amicable breakups, it’s important to seek legal advice for property settlement. Our family law specialists in Melbourne can ensure that your settlement is completed efficiently and according to the law, safeguarding both parties from further actions.

For further enquires or to seek legal support, visit our Boronia offices or give us a call to talk to our friendly family law team. Call 9762 3877.

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